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Reasons Why More Women Are Choosing Breast Augmentation Surgery Day By Day

According to statistics, there are about over a hundred thousand women who opt for breast augmentation. Many women dream of having a fuller and more attractive breast. And when nature fails, they opt for the breast augmentation surgery.  Usually the procedure comes with great results satisfying many women’s desire in having the perfect cup size Continue Reading

Contouring Facial Regions with Liposuction

Purpose Oriented Facial Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic procedures for facial contouring include a host of surgeries such as Facelift, Brow Lift, Nose Job and Chin Surgery as well as non-surgical approaches, like BOTOX injections and other dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation procedures, like skin peeling and microderambration. All the procedure serves some exclusive purpose that is Continue Reading

Tear Through Treatment

An Overview Of A Tear Through Treatment Procedure: Our eyes are the first things which reflect our thought, ideas, feelings, and what not. Thus, our main concern to keep intact the area under the eyes and around it should be well maintained, sometimes until perfection is achieved. Many of our under eyes are hollow and Continue Reading

Ear Correction After Piercing Casualties

Ear piercing is a highly popular thing nowadays. But this doesn’t only come with the fancy part of looking more stylish but also with several risks and  complications. Sometimes the piercing lead to infections, and bleeding or swelling of the ear lobe. Piercing has been one of the most popular fashion statements since few years. Continue Reading