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Anti-Aging Effects of Krill Oil

Aging is the natural process by which the body slowly begins to wear out over time. However, replenishing nutrients to build stronger, more prosperous collagen fibers and connective tissues in the skin makes up many common anti-aging supplements. Omega-3s are rising rapidly in popularity due to the potential of anti-aging properties. Take a look at Continue Reading

Beauty Queen Raquel Santos Dies In Cosmetic Surgery Casualty

Cosmetic surgery is a booming business for its favorable effects. However the surgeons and psychologists fear that many patients donot fully fear the extent of the potential risks of these operations and go for varied cosmetic surgery, falling casualties to death. Delayed healing, excess bleeding, bruising are the most common problems of cosmetic surgeries, while Continue Reading

Breast augmentation: for a well contoured breast

Breast augmentation surgery restores or increase breast size using prosthesis breast implant devices of either silicone or saline gel filling; or autologous fat transfer technique. This is the most commonly sought after cosmetic surgery in the world, with the maximum number of performed procedures in the United Kingdom. The cosmetic surgery offers to increase fullness Continue Reading