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Flaunt your beauty with the most appealing eyes!!

Attention alert for all the ladies and girls out there who love to be beautiful and crazy about makeup and it accessories. It’s time for you to concentrate on your beauty with the all new amazing makeup ideas which will make you look younger and flawless.                                                                                                     From an office going lady to the one Continue Reading

Chin Lift Surgery— Possibilities and Techniques

Possibilities of Mentoplasty          When it comes to plastic surgery, the surgical plans such as incision type, muscle plication principles, implantation placements etc. are always customary to each patient’s aesthetic goal and their condition. With mentoplasty though, this factor is even more intense and it is a customary surgery. Cosmetic chin surgery is not commonly performed Continue Reading

Cosmetic Surgery For Facial Region- A Synopsis

Meant for enhancing the facial aesthetics, cosmetic surgeries assist in successfully reconstructing the defective area  or enhance the facial  aesthetic arena. What Are The Types Of Cosmetic Surgery Meant For Facial Region Are As Follows: Types of Cosmetic Surgery: Ø Face Lift This surgical procedure can offer you a significant amount of youthful appearance, not Continue Reading

The mechanism of action of bimatoprost-induced eyelash growth

Bimatoprost eyelash enhancer serum comes under various trade names and one such fabulous product is Careprost. Careprost, once used for the treatment of glaucoma came to be identified for having tremendous ability to increase the length and thickness of eyelashes. Careprost is known to improve the growth of eyelashes as its main ingredient prostaglandin is Continue Reading