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Why should one choose hair transplant surgery over oiling and medicines

Hair transplant surgery is a surgical treatment for different types of hair loss and is usually used to treat male pattern baldness also known as androgenic alopecia.Hair transplant treatment involves moving individual hair folliclesfrom the donor site to the bald/balding site and is a permanent solution to lost scalp hair. It’s a quick and easier Continue Reading

What is Botox and Why Botox?

Botox toxin is extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, adjusted for various cosmetic and / or therapeutic purposes. First time in this way Alan Scott and Edward Hills have used the toxin (serotype A) in 1973 experimental animal in order to correct strabismus. In 1980 for the first time used per person and successfully corrects Continue Reading

Perfumes for Men

Type of perfumes for men  Perfumes are something that is an absolute necessity while going out for a unique night, a wedding, a gathering or any such occasion. Perfumes are an approach to draw in consideration. Considers demonstrate that men are more disposed towards colognes than women. This is the reason you can locate a Continue Reading