Contact Lens King Partners with Prevent Blindness

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Imagine a child struggling through life trying to accomplish tasks considered to be ordinary for most children. In contrast to his piers this child however spends countless frustrating hours and enormous amounts of energy trying to learn new subjects and skills each day. This child quickly finds themselves discouraged by the enormity of the effort and the frustration felt by the lack of progress experienced anytime a learning challenge is encountered. These are common scenarios for children who are visually challenged today. This vision condition affects children’s ability to learn and hinders their overall personal development and growth, not to mention – their social interactive skills. According to Prevent Blindness, nearly 3% of children are blind or visually impaired and 80% of children diagnosed with learning disabilities or poor learning performance actually have a vision problem. The seriousness of this issue highlights the need for further understanding through research and education.

Contact Lens King is an on-line contact lens retailer who is a strong proponent of social responsibility and giving back to the community. With a vested interest in the eye health industry the company has been researching and fervently working towards building partnerships and campaigns to help fight causes that it is passionate about. Childhood blindness is a cause that resonates deeply with the company. Our company’s management is passionate in its belief that “our future success as a society and a nation is directly dictated by the proper nurturing, education and personal development of our children. By providing the necessary tools and support required to effectively promote success while addressing challenges that hinder the progress of our children we are investing in our society’s future.”

In an effort to support healthy vision and fight against vision impairment and blindness, Contact Lens King has partnered with Prevent Blindness, a strong advocate for healthy vision. With this partnership, Contact Lens King, in collaboration with Prevent Blindness, is hoping to further promote the awareness and the importance of maintaining and protecting healthy vision in children.

With vision virtually impacting our very way of life from mobility to enjoying the wonders of nature it is arguably the most critical sense we have and should not be taken for granted by any measure. By supporting healthy vision, Contact Lens King is determined to help those with vision impairments through donations aimed at supporting research, education and prevention. Living a happy and fulfilling life is a goal that should be attainable by everyone, and with vision health playing such a crucial role on a child’s quality of life Contact Lens King is proud to collaborate on the efforts expounded on this social issue.

To help promote healthy vision and raise money to fight vision impairments and disorders please visit Contact Lens King’s website and use coupon code PB10 where $10.00 will be donated with every order placed to Prevent Blindness. For more information regarding healthy vision please visit Prevent Blindness’s website and browse through their vast amount of literature, and various resources.