Fixing Sunless Tanner Mistakes


Sunless tanner has become a great way to get that sunkissed glow safely. This is a much better option than hours spent basking in the sun or visiting your local tanning beds. Are people really still doing that? For one thing, it’s been proven that excessive sun exposure without protection can cause skin cancer, even from the artificial rays of the tanning salon.

Another reason, which is not quite as serious as melanoma is premature aging. It’s true that sun damage causes wrinkles and fine lines. Not only does it pay to protect yourself with at least an SPF 30 everyday, but your skin will thank you for it by looking younger in the long run. Grabbing that bottle or spray of sunless tanner is clearly the smarter choice. It even comes in tanning towelettes which are super easy to use.

Learning to apply it in the best way is definitely an experience! Streaks, spots, and buildup of the tanner around rough areas always seems to be an issue. Here are a couple of ways to fix sunless tanning mistakes.

Acetate Is Great For Removal

Pure acetate which you can buy from your local beauty supply store is meant to remove acrylic nails. It can also fade and remove sunless tanner mishaps in a hurry. Just saturate a cotton ball and rub on those streaky spots. The acetate will fade the mistakes right away.

Exfoliate In The Shower

Exfoliation naturally is going to remove layers of dead skin cells and takes away sunless tanner. If you wake up a little more tan than you would like to be, a deep scrub in the shower should do the trick. Use a loofah, jar of salt scrub, or even those scrubby gloves will work on your skin. You’ll fade that tan enough that you’ll feel comfortable baring your skin again.