Nose Job Without Surgery: What to expect?


Do you wish to change the shape of your nose with significantly lesser downtime and risks?  Then a surgery using facial fillers can be of great help to you.  Rhinoplasty, as it is also known as, can correct a lot of imperfections which are related to nose including the deviated septum and nasal hump for an improved appearance, shortening the nose and narrowing the tip.  This is one of the most desired cosmetic procedures, but many patients are frightened with the outcome because of its risks and complications. While no surgical Rhinoplasty is non invasive and any day safer than usual.

At times it is known as a ‘15 minute nose job’ as the treatment involves injecting dermal fillers  for reshaping and enhancing the nose.  The most exciting part of this surgery is not only that the results are instant with almost no downtime, but also no prolonged healing and can take place without involving anaesthesia.

Eligible candidature:

Candidates with the following difficulties and conditions are suitable for a non surgical nose job.

  • Small anglic nose
  • Hooked shaped nose
  • Slightly crooked nose
  • Moderate drooping nasal tip
  • People looking out for a greater definition, height and nose tip, etc.

The Procedure:

After marking the desired location, dermal fillers are injected in the precise locations to help out the contours and the shape of the region.  The doctor will simultaneously keep on massaging the product for merging it in a better way within the skin.

The Most Commonly Used Dermal Fillers Which Are Used To Reshape Nose?

  • Ø Hyaluronic Acid

Found mostly in almost all the living organisms, the skin elasticity and volume of the skin is witnessed after injecting this fascinating substance. This product is FDA approved and used mainly for smoothening nasolabial areas.

  • Ø Radiesse

This is synthetically produced calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microsphers in a sodium carboxymethylcellulose gel carrier. This product ensures immediate correction as it offers a structure to the nasal area with a scaffold under the skin and helps to stimulate the natural growth of collagen.

Recovery Time

There is almost no downtime with this procedure and maximum patients even return back to their normal lifestyle with immediate effect. Although it is recommended to avoid wearing any heavy sunglasses on it atleast for two weeks for allowing the area to properly stabilize. But, other than there is no significant bruising, pain or swelling which can obstruct their daily activities.

Duration Of The Outcome?

The result of this process lasts from 6-12 months and with gradual follow up treatments can help you maintain the initial result. This process offers a long lasting, though not a permanent solution and leaves you with the option of refining your choice of treatment as per the changing trend.