Tassel Jewellery Trendsetters of 2015


2015 has been the year of new trends and style statements in the world of fashion. This has been the year when one came across various different and unique fashion patterns that gained grounds and became increasingly popular amongst the masses as well as the classes. Two such winning trendsetters have been the streaks of geodes jewellery and tassel jewellery.

Geodes Jewelry:

Creativity is best expressed when kept free. Jewellery is an important part of women’s accessories. This industry of accessories is in a requirement of constant freshness. The industry always has a demand of fresh concepts and new ideas. These ideas help to identify new design and trends in the realm of fashion. The geode jewellery is one such trend that gained increased popularity in the year 2015. Geodes appear like regular rocks on the outer side, yet they possess stunning crystal centres. These rocks could be used for the purpose of designing new and unique jewellery pieces that could be quite novel in terms of their designs, patterns and shapes. Some of the popular types of geodes are Amethysts, Cathedral, Opal, Celestite Crystals and Brazilian Agate. Pendants are the most common piece of jewellery that is created using a geode.

Tassel Jewellery:

In the present times we see that a bohemian effect happens to be having a very prominent effect on the style sense of the fashion icons of the global scenario. As a result of the same we see that the Tassel is becoming an increasingly important feature of accessories, clothes and also home décor. Talking of jewellery we see that tassels are being features increasingly in various accessories range such as earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets etc. A Tassel could be made of either fabric, ribbons or Rafia where the product will be made of flexible thin materials. A Tassel could be made by wrapping a fibre or a yarn on a strong piece of plastic for several times.

Winning streaks of the new style statements:

Moving away from the conventional is the actual trick in this case. Jewellery making since ages has tantalized some of the most unique thought provoking style sense of man. Since ancient times jewellery styles has been essential features of civilization cultures. In the modern era we see that the trick lies in being different and unique. Instead of clean cuts and polished surfaces we see that the crumpled and unpolished texture is taking predominance in the arena of preference of the customers. This is what is seen in the gaining popularity of the geodes jewellery and tassel jewellery. In both cases we see that the uniqueness of the concepts of jewellery happens to be the major reason for which they are gaining popularity. Once again the brilliant colours and the material of the tassels happen to be some of the prime reasons for the demand of the products. The celebrity customers from different fashion and entertainment industries of the world are showing a growing interest in the said jewellery trends.