Safety Tips for Tanning Salons


Do you love getting that nice sun-kissed look, but are scared of some of the dangers you have heard about sun exposure? If so, then this means you are very wise and have done your research. While there are some inherent dangers of any kind of tanning, there are some steps you can take to stay safe while still looking like you are fresh from the beach. Heading to tanning salons in Lawrence, KS, is much safer than baking in the sun. Following these safety tips will help you to stay even safer.

Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is a huge key to staying safe when heading to tanning salons in Lawrence, KS. There is a reason most of these establishments offer a bottle of water with each session they sell. Sitting under those UV lights will dehydrate your skin really fast if you are not replenishing your body’s supply of water. 

A good rule of thumb is to drink one regular water bottle (16 oz) for every half hour you tan. This might mean you will have to take some bathroom breaks, but it will also help you avoid issues of dehydration, heat stroke, dizziness, or a lowered immune system. Keep your body strong and safe by simply drinking more water. 

Limit Your Time

It can be tempting to do one big, long marathon session to get the tone you want. This is not safe, and will not be worth the tax it will take on your body. The best way to get a nice, long-lasting tan is to have regular tanning sessions every week. Half an hour here and there at regular intervals will safely darken your skin a tone at a time. Of course, this will take patience and planning, but when you consider how much better this will be for your skin, it is worth it. 

Many experts say that this staged interval tanning will also help you to avoid getting premature wrinkles. If the idea of dimpled and leathery skin has been worrying you, then this is the tip you need to really take seriously. Keep your skin young and elastic by not going in for long sessions.

Utilize Sprays

Many different salons that offer the beds are now also offering spray services. The sprays are designed to apply an even coat of tanning lotion on your entire body. You can choose from a variety of tones, and they come out looking very natural when done correctly. A lot of the big stars like Lindsay Lohan like to combine the technology of the UV beds with the technology of the sprays. The sprays will not expose your skin to any damaging radiation, so it is a very safe way to get the beach-ready look you love.

Protect Sensitive Areas

You want an even tan across your entire body, but it is important to add extra protection to the sensitive areas of your body. This will include your eyes, mouth, any wounds, and your private areas. Too much UV exposure to these areas can cause some mild irritations and some severe discomfort. Add extra protection to these sensitive areas so that your beauty doesn’t have to come with the price of pain.

These are pretty simple things that can help you stay safe. No golden glow is worth issues with wrinkles and cancer later in life. Take care of yourself while still liking the way you look by following these safety suggestions. For more good tips, talk to the staff at your local tanning salons in Lawrence, KS. They are sure to have some more information to help this stay fun and safe for you and your friends.