The Nuisance Of Gaining Weight After Liposuction— What Exactly Happens?

Why Go For Liposuction If It Has This Nuisance Of Post Surgical Weight Gaining?

The reason that makes you an ideal candidate of this body contouring surgery is for some selective regions of the body to develop small pocket or pouch of flab, which do not respond to dieting and exercise. So, minor details of figure correction are worked out with a surgical cannula and a specially designed aspiration system that makes the whole idea of a liposuction surgery.

And this is what makes this surgery so high on demand, is it’s unique approach to contour those little problem areas, of abdominal pouch, bingo wings, flabby thighs, love handles etc. which is hard to shift otherwise.

Why Do You Gain Weight After Liposuction And How To Prevent It?

Weight gaining is a potential with many surgeries as well prolonged treatment that involves a downtime. In case of liposuction, it demands the downtime of about 1-3weeks depending on the extent of the surgery, the volume of fat removed and the personal healing power of the patient.

Basal metabolism has perhaps a role to play, that cannot prevent the expansion of fat cells, and the inactivity associated with the downtime tends to putting on some more weight. However, the fat cells removed from the treated zone do not come back to the same area.

It is essentially that you resume exercise as soon the surgeon indicates and follow a proper diet. The surgery is a accomplice to shed the extra problem areas, that are hard to shed with diet and exercise, but is not a substitute to natural fitness regime. Usually, patients who gain weight after this surgery, can lost the weight with adequate exercise and activity. It is viable to give it sometime till the downtime, and the swelling to subside to enjoy the best result and plan ahead.

New Advancements Of Ultrasound and Laser Make Any Difference?

Advertisers and promotion campaigns of surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics run a plethora of fake and unreal claims that only confuse a patient. The so called “new advancements” in a liposuction surgery are the advent of some power assisted mechanism such us ultrasound or laser to make the surgery more precise for the surgeon. The end results are same as with any equipment used.

And as per the question of weight gaining, all the gadgets carry the same potential, because it’s more of a cause of basal metabolism and weight gaining during downtime, than the surgery procedure.

Some discussions suggest that ultrasound assisted VASER Lipo, and VASER Hi Def Lipo have lesser impact on weight gaining after the surgery, since it causes less invasiveness. Then again, this is not about invasiveness, and the discussion has no probable logic.

As for VASER Hi Def lipo, it appears to be a body sculpting technique that uses specially designed cannulas to groove underlying fat just below the skin to look like six packs. It is an artificial musculature, but makes things easier which takes too much strain to achieve the same with exercise. But it certainly isn’t a substitute, and if you stop exercising you very much tend to gain weight. The surgery sort of keeps the exercise process a little less demanding, but on the other hand cannot give you a static body contouring despite inactivity and imbalanced diet.